NaNoWriMo Day 9: Almost Caught Up

When you’re a full-time writer, there are days when you are simply more productive than others. You can do all the same things you usually do to motivate yourself: good night’s rest, eating well, exercise, and the perfect environment and still have outside influences distract you.

Social media is one of my biggest distractors. I’d love to say I’m on there for the pet memes, but I’m usually creating content that points here or to my books, or to draw more followers with similar interests since they’ll likely enjoy my writing.

Today, I spent some time doing that in the morning, but after my lunchtime walk with my daughter and her kitten, I buckled down and wrote all afternoon.

The kitten taking in inspiration for her own projects.

I made today’s word count, and I’m almost caught up to the NaNoWriMo goal. Hope you’re all doing well. Happy Writing!

©TJ Deschamps

Photo by Ben Butterworth on Unsplash

Published by TJ Deschamps

Tammy loves to build worlds with words, exploring themes the effect of diaspora on the generations born elsewhere than their ancestors with the backdrop of tech or magic and dragons (sometimes both). These stories are inspired by her own family's immigrant experience. She's queer and many of her characters fall somewhere on the LGBTQIA spectrum (though that is not the focus of her work). She's married to an engineer who dances. Together they are raising three precocious teens in the Seattle suburbs. Two of her children are neurodiverse. Her experiences have taught her much about the world, its beauties and its injustices. All of this comes through in her fiction with a healthy dose of absurd humor.

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