Announcement about Eastside Hedge Witch: A (Sub) Urban Fantasy

Last week I signed a deal with Mad Raptor Productions to publish Eastside Hedge Witch. This morning they announced the addition of yours truly as one of the MRP authors all over social media. I’m super excited that my first full-length novel will (eventually) be available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook.

This may seem out of the blue since I’ve only been contributing to this blog regularly for about six months or so, but I’ve been writing full-time for four years. I’d always planned to self-publish. However, Eastside Hedge Witch deserves more than a single person could put into it to produce, publish, and promote it. I didn’t want to go with one of the Big Five because I have my personal opinion about the large houses. Instead, I submitted Eastside Hedge Witch to an indie publisher recommended by my editor for Tam Lin: A Modern, Queer Retelling and the series I’ve decide to shelve because it wasn’t my story to tell.

My first tele-meeting with the head of the company went so well, I knew I’d made the right decision for the project. MRP has a diverse, grade-A team, and Carrow Brown, the founder, is one smart cookie. A woman-owned business too!

Because I like to share the wealth, Mad Raptor is having an open submissions call!

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