Author Spotlight: Paranormal Romance Author Emmy Tidning

Emmy Tidning’s latest Paranormal Romance release: Charlie’s Chill

TJ: Hello! Welcome to Author Spotlight where both new and veteran authors share a little about themselves and their work. Today we have Paranormal Romance author, Emmy Tidning. Emmy, care to tell us a little bit about your background?

Thanks for having me! I’m an avid romance reader and writer in the Pacific Northwest. As any other Libra can attest, I absolutely love love, which is why writing the Second Sight series has been such a thrill. What else can I say about myself? I’m a sucker for romantic comedy movies, fortune-telling about love, and videos of lovely babies laughing. Besides writing, those are pretty much the only hobbies I occupy myself with.

TJ: You’re so much sweeter than I am. My stories involve the tragic kind of love that has a lot of hurt and sorrow. I think that’s why I like your books so much. All the happy romance and comedy comes through!

I know you write Paranormal Romance that is pretty close to magical realism, but you also dabble in the occult in real life. Care to tell readers a little about that?

ET: I do! As a lover of all things romance, I also love to give Tarot card readings to my heartsick and lovestruck readers. I work with the Applied Divination team to do romance divination readings, as its my specialty. Right now I’m working with a client who packed up her entire life and moved to a different state just to take a chance on a tenuous love connection – sounds absurd, doesn’t it? But she’s now happy and thriving with her new beau. When I started with her, all her questions for the oracle were “is this love worth it” and “am I making a mistake” and now her questions an extra mundane “what color dishes should we buy” or “should we adopt another cat?” I love it, she’s so happy. Also, the answer is yes, always adopt another cat.

TJ: The reason you’re here today is that you released a new book in your Second Sight Romance series called Charlie’s Chill. Could you tell us a bit about it?

ET: All of my romances are about finding one’s magical powers through love. In my first book, Faye’s Fortune, a struggling fortune teller named Faith (Faye) gets her psychic gifts back when she falls for a local construction worker. Charlie’s Chill is about Faith’s partner, Charlotte, who is a Reiki healer whose business is suffering. With no clients to heal, she’s losing steam and her gifts pretty fast. One night she meets sexy bartender, Darius, and the connection is electric! Her massage and healing gifts start to return to her the more time she spends with him. Ultimately, however, she has to make a choice whether to keep seeing him or try to save her and Faye’s business.

TJ: I love when books provide plausible conundrums and really enjoyed Charlie’s Chill.  Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to have you back again!

Thanks for having me and I can’t wait to read your book, Eastside Hedgewitch! I’ll definitely be back when my third book, Sloane’s Solitude, comes out!

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