Author Spotlight: Q & A with Author Jill Webb

Author Jill Webb

TJ: Hello! Welcome to Author Spotlight where both new and veteran authors share a little about themselves and their work. Today we have Jill Webb.

Okay, Jill. Let’s get into it. Care to tell readers us about yourself? 

Jill: Hello and thanks for having me! I’ve lived in Oregon my whole life, born in Portland and live on a farm in Hillsboro and work in microelectronics. I have two grown daughters (who sometimes beta read for me) and an assortment of dogs, cats, and horses. 

TJ:   I knew that you owned horses, as well as your other critters. Does being a rider influence your writing?  

Jill: I realized after I started writing again as an adult that I used the same part of my mind for both pre-writing and planning things with my horses and had to teach myself to switch between them. Long rides and tractor work do give me time to work out plots and upcoming scenes in my head. I do want to write more stories with horses in them, and have a few in the works. 

T.J.:  I’ve seen pics of you in full Captain Marvel gear. Did you go to a lot of cons in pre-pandemic times?    

Only the local cons (Rose City Comic Con) and an annual nerd cruise (JoCo Cruise) And one free comic book day. My mom helped me make the uniform and it’s fun to wear it out in public. I made the boots from an old pair of riding boots.

Author Jill Webb cosplaying Captain Marvel

T.J: That cosplay is awesome! Okay, now for the main reason you’re here. You have a new book coming out Fire For Two. Can you tell readers about this series?

Jill: Fire For Two is the second book in the series. It takes place soon after events in the first book, A Nose For Trouble. In this series, there have been three generations of people born with super-human abilities. All of them are (on average) ten percent faster and stronger than normal humans and that’s public knowledge. Kept secret from the normals is the other power each Amplified Human has. Iona works for the Bureau For Amplified Human Enforcement – a government agency that assists law enforcement in crimes involving amps and helps keep the secret about amps. Iona’s best friend Lisa is the main character in A Nose For Trouble.

Iona’s other power is creating and controlling fire, but the more she uses it the worse her control gets. Trying to stabilize the fire and recover emotionally from hurting her last boyfriend has her questioning her ability to ever have a relationship again. 

Sven and Carlos are telepathic amps, best friends mentally linked since birth who each have a string of short-lived relationships behind them.

Iona and Sven are sent on a mission to prevent rogue amps from a stunt intended to reveal the full spectrum of amp abilities. Preventing one such stunt doesn’t mean they can keep their secret forever though and working with both Sven and Carlos leaves her confused about whether she can love again and which one she’s more attracted to.

TJ: The series sounds like a fun ride and right up my alley.  I have Nose for Trouble and can’t wait to start Fire for Two. Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to have you back again!

Thank you so much for having me! For those who read A Nose For Trouble, Fire is hotter on the sexiness scale that Nose. Fire For Two comes out March 26th and preorders are available now (link below). At least one more book in the series is in the works, featuring characters readers have met in the other two books.

Where to find Jill Webb’s books:

Lisa Wong-Osunbar is an amp – an amplified human with a super-human sense of smell. Lucent is also an amp, and one of the best spies in the business. When their assignments from the National Bureau of Amplified Human Enforcement collide, they’re tasked with stopping a group of super-powered bank robbers intent on funding an unsettling political agenda. As Lisa and Lucent uncover the rogue amps’ scheme, they must decide if they are sympathetic toward their aims and whether they’re going to complete the assignment they’ve been given. And as if matters weren’t complex enough, Lisa must decide if the heat she’s feeling is coming from the line of fire or… her new partner.

When a shadowy group of amplified rogues makes its move, NBAHE* agent Iona Sinclair is called to action. Her abilities with fire make her the ideal agent to shed light on the cabal’s secret plans. 

But when she’s teamed with telepaths – cheery Sven and sweet, shy Carlos – things get complicated. Her partners’ abilities bind them closer than brothers, and Iona is drawn to both men – upsetting her equilibrium.

Will Iona’s need for connection – and dramatic physical release – damage the men’s bond and endanger their mission?
Will Iona burn it all down? 

Or will fiery and unorthodox romance ensue?

*National Bureau of Amplified Human Enforcement

Interview ©TJ Deschamps 2021

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