Author Spotlight: Q & A with Fantasy Author Winnifred Tataw

Author Winnifred Tataw

TJ: Hello! Welcome to Author Spotlight where both new and veteran authors share a little about themselves and their work. Today we have Winnifred Tataw. Let’s get into it. Care to tell readers us about yourself? 

Winnie: Hi! My name is Winnifred Tataw, or Winnie for short. I have had a lifelong love of literature and art. As a writer, I want to create beautiful fantasy worlds with compelling and intriguing characters. I reside in South Carolina and am an undergraduate at the College of Charleston. I love to spread positivity and joy to those around me, and look at the world through a glittery pink lens!

TJ:  What inspired you to become a writer?

Winnie: My parents, mainly my mom, encouraged me to put my imagination and stories onto paper. I’d always been a lover of storytelling and writing. When it came time to start publishing and putting my stories out for others to read, I was both excited and grateful. 

T.J.:  If you could meet any person dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Beyonce or BTS because I want to have my only private concert by one of them. I love to sing (though not well) and dance so a honey acoustic mini-concert sounds like a dream. Plus I believe they would be lovely people to meet in person. 

T.J: I love Beyonce, too. Now for why you’re here. You have a new book. Can you tell readers about this series?

Winnie: In December 2020 I published the third book in my The Gods’ Scion fantasy series; The Lone Star Child. It takes on more of a sci-fi theme compared to my other books, but I love it so much. I cried so much writing some of the scenes too, goddess! The Gods’ Scion series is a fantasy world set in modern times dealing with modern-day problems. The series shows how different characters and points of view deal with the same problems and issues presented within the story.

TJ: I love when fantasy and the every day mix up, it makes for great tension. Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to have you back again!

Thank you for having me! I love to talk and meet new bloggers and authors all the time! And I hope to be back in the future as well!

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