Author Spotlight: Samantha Kroese

TJ: Hello! Welcome to Author Spotlight where both new and veteran authors share a little about themselves and their work. Today we have Samantha Kroese. Okay. Let’s get into it! Care to tell readers us about yourself? 

S.K.: Hello! Thank you for having me! This is such a great opportunity! I’m Samantha Kroese. I live in Minnesota currently (but I’ve moved all over the USA growing up). I have a darling boyfriend (no kids), 4 rescued cats, and an Arabian horse. 

TJ:  I love cats! I have two rescues myself. Horses are such magestic animals. I hear all from my friend about her different horse’s personalities…but, I digress. Let’s move on to the next question. What inspired you to become a writer?


S.K.: I’ve always had a really crazy imagination and spent a lot of time making up stories/scenarios for my toys when I was little. I was avidly into comic books (had all brothers for siblings). Well at 10 years old I decided I didn’t like what Marvel Comics was doing with a certain character so I wrote them a letter telling them I could do better and pitching my idea. They of course rejected me and told me I had to become a published author before they’d consider me. So that became one of my life goals, and here we are, finally. But that editor was very kind they must have known I was young. 

T.J.:  That is so awesome! I love that they didn’t discourage your but rather set you on a path. It’s good to have role models, which leads me to my next question. If you could meet any person dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Well I really admire Holly Lisle and Stephen King for their wonderful fiction and how much they speak out to help other writers. So I’d love to meet either one of them and have a nice chat, and just thank them for all their advice and support they’ve put out into the writing world over the years. And maybe fangirl just a little because I do love their fiction too!

T.J: You have a new book coming out. Can you tell readers about it?

S.K.: I just released The Darkest Sword in March (which is a standalone villain book). My next book will be Sephyrn, which is book 4 of the Assassins of Dakaal series. They are all standalone character origin type stories, but they’re also connected so you will see the same characters in each one. For instance, Regret, the first one, shows the story of Rubei and Vyrgil, which leads into backstory of how Onyx in Ladykiller got where he is, Onyx finds out about his twin Niyx, then in Niyx they join up to stop a corrupt society. Sephyrn is the story of their father and what happens after he disappears at the end of Niyx (though it’s the most standalone of the series).

They are all high fantasy, fast-paced adventure reads. They do deal with some darker/horror topics and have a little bit of humor sprinkled in them to lighten them a bit. They center around the actions of the assassin’s guild The Shadowed Divide and show how the characters get drawn into the intrigue involved. Onyx and Niyx are also vampires so may appeal to fans of those. Fans of comic books, role-playing MMOs, games/movies such as Assassin’s Creed will probably like these books. Sephyrn which will release this summer is the darkest one of the bunch, it follows Sephyrn, a wicked nature demigod who has made a name for himself as the world’s god of vengeance by becoming an assassin who murders the unfaithful. Nichole, the second POV character, is a young demigoddess tasked with bringing him back to his true purpose, which is saving their post-apocalyptic world from having another apocalypse. 

TJ: Wow! I can’t wait to pick them up. These books sound like great reads. Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to have you back again!

It was a great pleasure to be here! Thank you for having me! I’m also a great fan of your writing! 

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