My Experience Getting Witch with It in Salem, MA

It’s hard to come down from the emotional high of an author signing event. Especially, when that event is held in a historic area and there is so much to see and do before I had to fly my broom back to Seattle.  TL;DR: The author signing event was fabulous. (Now you can scroll down[…]

Something Borrowed Something Bewitched

Three men gathered at the edge of the woods, to test their magical mettle. The first, wore a chainmail hauberk and a sword on his back. He was taller, burlier, and spat a lot more than the others. His face told a tale of a life of violence. Some brawls he might have even won. 

Mistakes Were Made

Mistakes were made.

I’ve seen so many of these baking sheet tartlets that I was fully confident I could make one with no recipe. This is how I go into any new endeavor. Headfirst, full of confidence from past experiences of doing other things well, and directly plant my face into a wall.

Essential Oils for Cryptids and Shifter Motorcycle Grease

A Midlife Supernaturals Short by T.J. Deschamps Author’s Note: This is a short story from the Midlife Supernaturals verse and a meetcute for one of my favorite couples in the series. It is from Princess’s perspective and will give you insight into why she is not so keen on Miriam in the Eastside Hedge Witch. However, you needn’t have[…]

Midlife Olympians Meet the Characters:Hermes

Excerpt from Westside Harpy: The flames doused until only a very pissed off Hermes in full, golden armor, wings spread, and a sword covered in gore remained. My heart fluttered a bit at the site of the god. He was always so subdued in my old Victorian, dressing in sweats and t-shirts or tracksuits like a regular person. Right now,[…]

Midlife Olympians Meet the Characters: Persephone

Excerpt from Westside Oracle: “We live in uncertain times. Human belief is shifting. What was the norm for many millennia in your world is no longer so. There’s a revival of the Greco-Roman gods, especially in the Americas where belief is, how do you say, up for grabs.” She smiled at her dog and scratched[…]

Meet the Characters of Midlife Olympians: The Oracle

An excerpt from Westside Oracle:

“Would you like a general reading, or a three card draw?”

She worried at her lip, clutching the cash to her stomach. If money troubles weren’t already apparent from sizing her up, she gave it away then.

“What’s the difference?”

“A general offers a little more insight into your life in general. A three-card draw will answer a specific question.”

Do you think Michelle Yeoh’s Oscar will Lead to More Mature Femme Action Leads?

I loved writing the story, but in the back of my head, I held doubts. I wondered if anyone would want to read a forty-five year old woman becoming an action hero. The thought only women my age might read and enjoy the story, but it wouldn’t appeal to a wider audience.

Then, the Sunday before Westside Harpy released, Michelle Yeoh received an Oscar for Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. A story about a mother saving her daughter with a lot of great fight scenes!

First Full Chapter of Westside Harpy: A paranormal Women’s fiction (Midlife Olympians #2)

Nothing like waking up to a good cup of coffee and a nightmare. A spider the size of a corgi skittered in my direction across the linoleum of the kitchen floor. A few weeks ago, I would’ve screamed bloody murder at the sight of the creature. If you’re an arachnophobe and wish to conquer your fear, I highly suggest living with Arachne and her children as a form of immersion therapy. 

Meet the Characters: Miriam Diaz (Midlife supernaturals)

Name: Miriam Diaz (a.k.a Tatiana)Age: 43 (ish)Type of supe: Let’s just say she’s a hedge witch with a little extra, shall we?Abilities: Healing, can see the color of magic, witchcraft, and plant manipulation.Interests: Baking, volunteer work, community organization, light sprite whisperer, hellhound banishing, keeping grimoires out the hands of those who’d abuse the spell contained[…]