Book Review: From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout

Genre: Fantasy
Subgenre: I spent most of this book saying, “This is a freaking vampire book.”

Romance: This has the most decadently written romance ever. It’s not instalove, at least not on the MC’s part, but it IS insta-lust.

Steam? Status:Currently scalded. I thought the sex scenes were scandalously graphic (and was here for it when The Deed finally happened). Nope. I just have a fantastic imagination to fill in the gaps of Armentrout’s poetic prose.

Plot: I’m reticent to say anything. I want everyone to go into this book as in the dark as I did and not to spoil any of this freaking gorgeous yet utterly devastating story for you. So, this is my attempt to keep my blog readers unspoiled: A young woman is ostensibly the cherished Maiden, the Savior of Her People and Chosen by the Gods, but in reality she’s a well-kept prisoner…and that bs changes once she visits The Red Pearl. (I just got that’s a clitoris reference.)

I am envious of anyone who gets to read this gorgeous gem for the first time.

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