Book Review: Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence By Nick Bantock

Genre: Magical Realism (Literary works are not my usual review material, yes. However, a friend suggested this book and it hooked me from the first page.

Romantic Subplot?
This is a love story…possibly.

Nah. Although they do mention Griffin had painted nudes of Sabine in their correspondence.

Plot: An artist named Griffin receives a postcard from a woman named Sabine asking a question. The thing is, Griffin has never met Sabine, yet she knows all about his work. The mystery and love affair unfolds as they correspond.

If you’ve read a lot of books in a certain genre and are sick of the plot formula, this book makes a nice palate cleanser. Get the copy where you can unfold the letters and read them as if you’re Griffin and Sabine. It’s worth the experience.

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