Book Review: Magical Midlife Meeting by K.F. Breene

Genre: Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Subgenre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Romantic Subplot? A hilarious and unique take on the mating bond trope. I love how Breene builds the relationship between Jess and Austin over a span of a year. No insta-love in this series.

Steam? Scalding. Breene filled the sex scenes with love and humor, as well as spice. I loved that this was two grown ups not some ancient creature and his teenaged, inexperienced lover. That’s so overdone and I’m so over it. Grown ups in love getting it on for the win.

Plot: Jess and her quirky Ivy House crew set out to meet the dastardly mage Elliot Graves.

What I liked: Sometimes a series can get boring by book five. However, Breene started the Leveling Up series with a narrow scope, focusing solely on Jacinta and her Ivy House quirky crew. With each installment she pans out showing the broader world of supernaturals. It’s a dangerous, cutthroat world, but Breene gives Jess an ever growing found family amid it all.

What I didn’t like: *crickets*

Do I recommend it? Yes. I love this fabulous series and cast of characters.

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