Book Review: The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L. Jensen

Genre: Fantasy Romance (Mythical kingdoms, no magic…yet. There’s subtle hints the storms center around the king or he feels them, but it could be just talk.)

Steam: For a romance? There was a couple of scenes but they were the flowery. No scalding detailed. (This is a love story. Go get some erotica if you want details, you pervs…but, first. Come to me. I have suggestions).

Plot: Lara trained all of her life to assassinate the wicked king of Ithacana so her people may be free of his tyrannical hoarding of goods. Yeah. I saw holes in the story they fed her too.

What I liked about The Bridge Kingdom? The Plot twists! This is a classic enemies to lovers trope romance with all the tragic missteps that break your heart and none of the kidnap the princess, Stockholm love tropes. The romantic lead is a cinnamon roll bad ass.

What I didn’t like? I know there are Story Reasons, but the miscommunication and her lack of trust after all that time spent during the storm season together was annoying.


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