Eastside Hedge Witch: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction

If you like witches, hidden truths, a tight-knit community of misfits, and standing up to bullies, this might be the supernatural tale for you.

Miriam Diaz has lived as a typical mundane on Seattle’s Eastside for the past seventeen years. She serves on the parent teacher association, bakes for her daughter’s cheer squad, and is an all-around champion stay-at-home mom. Pretty average and totally boring. Miriam likes it that way. All the better to keep her secrets.

When a hellhound shows up on her morning run, her carefully crafted façade of normalcy comes crashing down. She has no choice but to banish the stinky mutt, revealing she’s a powerful witch.

But wait, there’s more…

Not only does Miriam face heat from below, a wolf comes sniffing around her spellwork. When he shifts into human form, he’s none other than her late husband’s best friend, Gabriel. He’s also the archangel she’s been trying to avoid.

Things heat up even more…

Soon, Miriam discovers she’s not the only one keeping secrets in her sleepy suburban community. Will she run to escape facing her past or accept help from Gabriel and the supe community to face it?