Eastside Mórrígan: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel

Empty nesters are supposed to be bored and not know what to do with all their free time, right?

Not with an extended family like mine.

My mother Gracia, a witch elder, is furious with me. Instead of a phone call, a letter shows up in my mailbox with spell meant to whisk me away to be tried for my crimes against the witches—namely, the grimoires I stole and destroyed.

If I wasn’t already stressed about the witches, Oberon has cut my siblings’ Maeve and Nix’s leashes. Daddy dearest figures I have a faerie now and antlers, therefore I can fight my own battles against two fae gods. I thought my siblings terrorized me as a child.

Having my siblings and the witches battling over who will kill me first couldn’t possibly be enough on my plate. Now the angels are trying to assassinate the council.

Since my parents are perfectly okay with others slaying me, I turn to the goddess Danu for advice. She tells me I can solve it all by becoming the Mórrígan. I don’t know if becoming the fae Goddess of War and Fate is going to stop all these battles or will only bring on the beginning of the end.