Eastside Mórrígan: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel

Most empty nesters travel more, take up hobbies, and garden. Some even buy a fancy new convertible to feel young and free again.

I’m not like most empty nesters. 

I’m a witch with a bakery, duties on the Supernatural Council of the Pacific Northwest, and a new dilemma at my doorstep. 

Or rather, my mailbox. 

Someone has laid a magical trap for me. My guess is the witch elders taking revenge for all the destroyed grimoires. The trouble with that theory is that someone is slaying entire covens. There are signs pointing to an ancient enemy. One we thought we’d rid ourselves of ages ago.

While I’m off cooperating with the International Supernatural Enforcement Agency on the investigation, Gabriel goes missing. His pack can’t feel him. We fear he may be dead. 

Signs point to the same enemy that is killing witches, but  the rest of the pack were unscathed. He has made enemies in Heaven. I fear if he isn’t dead, he will be soon. 

If matters couldn’t be any worse, Maeve and Nix are out to hinder me.

Dark times have fallen upon Seattle’s Eastside. 

I’m no longer a lone hedge witch, but my friends and I are up against foes on multiple fronts. Will we be strong enough together to find Gabriela and protect the supes in our community from the incoming storm?