Eastside Witch Hunt: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction

The Supernatural Council of the Pacific Northwest, revealed to the world that magical beings were real. It was supposed to be a trump card to stop a war between Heaven and Hell that would have cost Earth Eight billion lives. However, mundanes aren’t grateful about it. 

Instead, Enchanting Treats and other supernatural owned businesses are facing protestors. Religious cults say the very existence of supes are a threat to humanity. Conversely, fans of supernaturals are going wild for selfies and signatures. What a world!

If that isn’t challenging enough for Miriam and her friends, supes are going missing.  The council is on the case. Clues lead to two organizations as possible suspects: an evangelical cult with a charismatic leader and an ancient coven that has settled in Snoqualmie Pass. 

Tensions on the council arise when they discover that Gabriel had once backed the cult as the archangel. 

Allying with Miriam is bringing Gabriel trouble from above. Will their blossoming romance survive their opposing interests—especially since there is no question where Phyr’s loyalties lie and the attraction between him and Miriam is heating up. Or will the fae prince be a true friend to both, offering sage advice and bringing everyone closer?