Westside Harpy

When I quit my job as a fake fortuneteller to become Oracle, of course there were strings attached. Olympic-sized strings.

A modern epic of Homeric proportions with belly laughs and ibuprofen chasers

I’m adjusting to my life as Oracle with new friends, a pet monster, and a smoking hot god at my side. Things are looking up, and I’m learning the ropes. Mostly.

The lights go out every time I access my oracular gift. Since the time of Pythia in Delphi, the Oracle’s worth and her life depended upon how she delivered the news to gods and kings. With Dione locked up, I can’t exactly ask her how to do it—not that I would trust her after what she did to my ancestors.

My only choice is to trust Hermes and my new friends and divulge my secret weakness. After all my ex put me through, can I do that?

While I’m searching for answers, another god seeks me out. I’m dragged to Atlantis where Poseidon reigns and the tech is fishy. When I’m there, Atlantis faces an attack. An ancient enemy of the king of sea has emerged and she’s brought friends.

Learning to do battle on the job was not something no other Oracle ever had to worry about. Good thing I’m a harpy queen and have enough bottled rage to screech across the realms, calling a winged army to my side.

Will my golden girls be enough to face the new threat while the bigger threat of breaching the gates of Tartarus looms?