Camp NaNo Day 4: Yeah, I’m late but doing this

(Why ducks? Seattle area NaNo Wrimo Participants place ducks in their writing space to signal they’re participating)

I hadn’t planned on doing Camp NaNo this year. I have quite a few projects going, but I need to write the fourth and final installment of the Faerie Tales series before I can move on to my other projects. Also, I like the camaraderie and social aspect of NaNoWriMo and its variants. The coolest part about Camp NaNo is that participants may customize their goals.

My goal is 20,000 words, a full rough draft of a novella, by July 31. I have a vacation in the middle of the month and a ton of appointments I put off until we were all vaccinated, but there are people who work full-time jobs and complete NaNoWriMo every fall, so why not?

Today’s word count: 2,031

I’m under word count, but I’ve written 775,577 words since I started doing NaNoWriMo. I got this

If you want to be NaNoWriMo buddies, this is me:

Hope you’re all having a healthy and safe 4th of July. Happy writing!

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