Camp NaNoWriMo: Days 6 & 7

Why the duck? Traditionally, Seattle NaNoWriMo participants placed a duck in their public writing spaces to signal they were in the contest and wanted company.

Camp NaNoWriMo: Days 6 & 7

My NaNo Project

I’m caught up with my word count and the story is just flowing out of me. I will probably exceed the word count today, day 8, but we’ll see.

My main struggle is that I’ve already written almost 6k words, and I’ve only began setting up the story. The Formorians will not be a 20k word novella like the others in the Faerie Tales series. There’s too much that will happen, quests, epic battles, and a finale that will hopefully blow readers’ minds. It’s the last story in the series (I also have a Halloween short story called The Ballad of Brave Janet that takes place in the Faerie Tales world). The Fomorians will be a full length book and I’m not going to finish drafting it this month.

That makes questions pop up: Is this going to affect sales? When do I schedule my editor? When do I set up my preorder? Should I commission my cover artist now or later? So many questions I don’t need to focus on in this stage. Letting go of the business/marketing side of indie publishing while I draft is something I should work on.

I want to put out the best story. The length, the timeline, etc. shouldn’t matter.

That said, I need to go back to Day 8 drafting.

Hope you’re all doing well!

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