Kindle Vella series: Galaxy on Fire

Not sure if it happened while I was sleeping or today, but Amazon launched Kindle Vella! I have two stories featured there. One is under my pen name Simone Cummings (Find Unfettered here). The other story featured is Galaxy on Fire. It’s a story about an end of an empire that has been through many[…]

Marketing Monday: Branding

When I first heard of author branding, I rolled my eyes. I was at a three-day writers’ workshop, learning about the essentials of story craft through panels, participating in critique groups, and attending panels about different aspects of the business of publishing. The presenters were a small press and a cover artist. It was quite[…]

MARKETING MONDAY: Advertising on a Budget

Investing in your indie author business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Advertisements don’t have to be costly to be effective. All it takes is research and knowing where to place your money where your dollar (or whatever currency you use) is most effective.

Plotting a book vs plotting a Series

Plotting A Novel Versus plotting a Series I have found myself among the growing number of authors on Tiktok. No, I’m not dancing around or doing skits. I’m part of authortok and booktok where readers and authors do our nerdy thing and talk about books. The Tiktok creator @ginnyauthor addressed authortok asking about how authors[…]

Halfway There

Revisions are taking longer than planned, but I’m at the midpoint of Eastside Hedge Witch. I love this story and Miriam so much. I’ve cut so much but wrote new scenes and chapters I’m really proud of. I like the new look and the way the story unfolds, and I think readers will too. Hope[…]

Marketing Monday: How Do I Market My Book on Social Media?

As an indie author looking at social media to market may seem overwhelming. There are so many trending platforms that come and go. Your job is to find the best place for you. Here are four ways to help you strategize: 1. Assess your target audience. Where is that demographic on social media? That’s where[…]