A Dedication to RBG

Yesterday, I mourned. Today, I wake up another day to fight. I used to think that stories were just that. Dragons and magic, tech and battles, or just about personal demons. But, even the short erotica I published, Adoration, had a theme of empowerment for women, of not accepting a mediocre existence. Writers have anContinue reading “A Dedication to RBG”

Troublesome Tropes in Urban Fantasy, Romance, and Paranormal Erotica and How to Subvert Them

Alpha Male/Rich Asshole: The concept that a man who is power-hungry, aggressive, violent, stalkerish, possessive and territorially jealous as a romantic lead is worrisome. It not only promotes toxic masculinity, but might encourage readers to seek abusive or codependent relationships. It’s not just toxic for individuals, it’s toxic for humanity in general. We live inContinue reading “Troublesome Tropes in Urban Fantasy, Romance, and Paranormal Erotica and How to Subvert Them”

Research: The Devil is in the Details

When you write a novel, you’re going to run into research. Whether it be about diet or hygiene of a certain era or mythology and religious texts, doing your research will add a layer of depth to your world building. Hopefully, you won’t go into detail to the point of boring just to show howContinue reading “Research: The Devil is in the Details”

Excerpt from Eastside Faerie: A (Sub) Urban Fantasy II

While I query Eastside Hedge Witch: A (Sub) Urban Fantasy, I thought I’d start other projects just in case it tanks. But, the story and characters drew me back in. The first book, though it served the purpose thematically of proving Miriam should not run from her problems and accept herself and her magic, wasContinue reading “Excerpt from Eastside Faerie: A (Sub) Urban Fantasy II”

Eastside Hedge Witch: A (Sub)urban Fantasy – Excerpt from Chapter One

I’m writing a paranormal women’s fiction, or suburban fantasy called, Eastside Hedgewitch. The project idea came to me when I was blue over my decision to shelve Scavengers of the Starsea. I dropped the latter project because the POV characters were all of Afro-Latinx descent. I love the story and started writing it because myContinue reading “Eastside Hedge Witch: A (Sub)urban Fantasy – Excerpt from Chapter One”

Another Draft Finished

I finished the rough draft of Tam Lin: A Modern, Queer Retelling last night and will think of a less on the nose title soon. In the meantime, I’ll send the draft off to alpha readers. They’ll look for things like pacing, tension, seek plot holes, and analyze the character arc. I ended the storyContinue reading “Another Draft Finished”

Writing Paranormal Women’s Fiction vs Urban Fantasy

I’m a planster. Meaning I plot a little, I’ll do character mock up and story boards on Pinterest before I start writing, but leave pretty much everything up to the zero draft to work itself out. This method isn’t one that I suggest. Many times I’ve found myself rewriting and never finishing a draft becauseContinue reading “Writing Paranormal Women’s Fiction vs Urban Fantasy”

Eastside Hedge Witch: A (Sub)urban Fantasy–Excerpt from Chapter Fifteen

I pack my stuff to go on my pre-dawn run, including rowan branches in the mix. There haven’t been any more vamps in the area, but I don’t see His Creepiness giving up now. He wants the lead for his witch army and he wants her now. Gabriel has given me the reason why andContinue reading “Eastside Hedge Witch: A (Sub)urban Fantasy–Excerpt from Chapter Fifteen”

Eastside Hedge Witch: A (Sub)urban Fantasy–Excerpt from Chapter Twelve (Also, writing women arguing without perpetuating stereotypes.)

One of my pet peeves in literature is when women are catty to each other. It’s a sexist stereotype and one I whole-heartedly avoid. That came into mind when writing this scene/chapter. I wanted to subvert this trope. This excerpt is two parts taken from the same chapter: a) the confrontation that seems stereotypically catty.b)Continue reading “Eastside Hedge Witch: A (Sub)urban Fantasy–Excerpt from Chapter Twelve (Also, writing women arguing without perpetuating stereotypes.)”

Eastside Hedge Witch: A (Sub)urban Fantasy –Excerpt from Chapter Nine

Downstairs, Gabriel and Roxy are cleaning up the breakfast mess. The latter gives me a sheepish look. It’s a strange sight to see on the usually disrespectful child.   “I’m sorry I yelled at you. It’s not my place to tell you how to parent. I don’t know what you’ve gone through or enough about godsContinue reading “Eastside Hedge Witch: A (Sub)urban Fantasy –Excerpt from Chapter Nine”