Meet the Characters: Miriam Diaz (Midlife supernaturals)

Name: Miriam Diaz (a.k.a Tatiana)Age: 43 (ish)Type of supe: Let’s just say she’s a hedge witch with a little extra, shall we?Abilities: Healing, can see the color of magic, witchcraft, and plant manipulation.Interests: Baking, volunteer work, community organization, light sprite whisperer, hellhound banishing, keeping grimoires out the hands of those who’d abuse the spell contained[…]

Thriving not Surviving

There is a reason that my paranormal women’s fiction characters resonate with readers. They are usually at a point in their life where they are surviving and don’t want to do the hard work of thriving. I throw a few obstacles in their way or put them in precarious positions, but just like in real[…]

Audiobook Release for Eastside Hedge Witch

Because I’m impatient, while my distributors twiddle their thumbs, I’m offering the audiobook for Eastside Hedge Witch: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction (Midlife Supernaturals #1) for $5 USD. Go ahead and get your copy! If you haven’t read or heard of Eastside Hedge Witch, here’s the blurb: Miriam Diaz lived as a suburban mom on Seattleā€™s[…]

How Do You Market on Social Media When Three Major Platforms are Down?

Today, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are all down. It’s also not common knowledge (though it’s widely available) that all three apps are owned by one company. Twitter is speculating why. Last night 60 Minutes aired an episode about the conditions of working at this company. Is that why? Unless Zuckerberg is throwing a giant tantrum or everyone walked out on strike, no, it is not.
What does that mean for indie authors who use those platforms to market their books? It means you’re going to have a dip in sales, unless you do a few things:

1. Seek out other social media platforms. Your target audience might be loyal to the FB trio, but there’s other places they go.

Indie Author: A Business and Art Balancing Act

When I first started writing, I thought I’d go the traditionally published route. I’d query an agent, sign a contract, and the agent in turn would sell my manuscript. My job was over the moment the art was finished. Sure there’d be rounds of edits, and I’d get to see what cover the art department[…]

Book Review: From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout Genre: FantasySubgenre: I spent most of this book saying, “This is a freaking vampire book.” Romance: This has the most decadently written romance ever. It’s not instalove, at least not on the MC’s part, but it IS insta-lust. Steam? Status:Currently scalded. I thought the sex scenes were scandalously[…]

Book Review: Junkyard Bargain by Faith Hunter

Junkyard Bargain by Faith Hunter Genre: Science Fiction Subgenre: Dystopian Series: Junkyard Cats #2 Romantic Subplot? It’s complicated. Steam? No sex but there were steamy moments between the mc and her thrall, Jax, who isn’t completely thralled. Like I said, it’s complicated. Plot: Shining Smith is looking for the murderer of her friend and needs[…]

ARC Readers Wanted: Warrior Tithe

Get a free advanced reader copy of Warrior Tithe in exchange for an honest review here: or here: Or here:

Indie Author Spotlight: Keepers and Destinies by Carl F. Brothers

Keepers & Destinies by Carl F Brothers Genre: Fantasy Stand alone or series? Book one of a series. Plot: Heaven and Hell both want to rule over Earth. Andrea is sent to Earth. There, she discovers a lot more is going on than she was told and hidden memories resurface. What I liked: Intricate world building.[…]

Halloween 2020

Normally, I love Halloween. I decorate the front yard to look like a graveyard and dress up every single year. This year, I put out the Halloween hand towels in the kitchen and the graveyard supplies made it to the front porch, but not past there. I’m going to buy some candy today, make some[…]

Reviews are Coming in for Tam Lin: A Modern, Queer Retelling

I checked my author page for my novella this morning and found that I had three five star reviews on Amazon! What reviews they were too: Find out why readers are falling in love with Tam Lin: A Modern, Queer Retelling!