Plotting a book vs plotting a Series

Plotting A Novel Versus plotting a Series I have found myself among the growing number of authors on Tiktok. No, I’m not dancing around or doing skits. I’m part of authortok and booktok where readers and authors do our nerdy thing and talk about books. The Tiktok creator @ginnyauthor addressed authortok asking about how authors[…]

Halfway There

Revisions are taking longer than planned, but I’m at the midpoint of Eastside Hedge Witch. I love this story and Miriam so much. I’ve cut so much but wrote new scenes and chapters I’m really proud of. I like the new look and the way the story unfolds, and I think readers will too. Hope[…]

Marketing Monday: How Do I Market My Book on Social Media?

As an indie author looking at social media to market may seem overwhelming. There are so many trending platforms that come and go. Your job is to find the best place for you. Here are four ways to help you strategize: 1. Assess your target audience. Where is that demographic on social media? That’s where[…]

Happy Valentine’s Day

My family was supposed to head over to an island on the Washington coast today for winter break. The weather had other ideas. It was disappointing, but I’d rather my family safe. C’est la vie. Making plans and events beyond our control getting in the way. As writers, we tend to forget that. As humans,[…]

WIP Progress: Update on Eastside Hedge Witch

I’m deep in the developmental edit stage of Eastside Hedge Witch. The story is going to look a bit different when published than the snippets of rough draft followers of my blog read last summer. That’s a good thing. Once my editor at Mad Raptor and I are finished, you’re going to read a more[…]

Warrior Tithe

A kelpie named Aoife wants to escape an unwanted marriage. A cottar named Fagan wishes to escape plague and poverty. Together they travel Alba and the Sidhe realm to seek Queen Mab.However, Cu Roi mac Daire will stop at nothing to get his betrothed back. His kingdom and his very life depends on it. Preorder[…]

On Writing: 5 Things I Do after I Receive Feedback

In movies, the writer has a typewriter or laptop click clacking away, drafting until they write the words “The End”. The author sends the book to their agent who instantly sends it to the publishing company and voila, a book is printed and on the shelf of every bookstore ever. The novel becomes a best[…]

Cover Art for Warrior Tithe/ Update on Eastside Hedge Witch

Update preorder Warrior Tithe here: Preorder Warrior Tithe here! I received the art for paperback this morning and it is…well look at it! It’s gorgeous! I described a scene in Warrior Tithe to my cover artist. She created a perfect image that only previously existed in my head. I’m excited to see the final layout[…]

Publishing Plans for 2021

Today I wrote “The End” to Warrior Tithe. Or rather, I wrote “To Be Continued.” I’m writing the Faerie Tales series in serial fashion. My plan is to publish each novella every three months, starting in March. Told as a story within a story frame, Warrior Tithe is both a pseudo sequel to Tam Lin:[…]

Antagonists: Mental Illness is an Overdone and Ableist Trope

I recently had a fellow writer comment that Roi, the antagonist for Warrior Tithe, gave them “Ramsay Bolton vibes”. I took it as a compliment. A character readers love to hate. However, I want to say this. Cu Roi mac Daire is a legendary figure from The Ulster Cycle, not someone suffering from mental illness.[…]

A Writerly View on Recent Events

I debated whether I’d say something here or not because this is my author website, and a writing and review blog, not a current events forum. However, I wanted to say this. Writers are keen observers. How is that related? Let me tell you. When a writer goes out in public, whether they be introvert[…]