Do you Remember Your first Library?

The library from my childhood home town.

Greetings book loving friend!

My earliest memories are of a little library in my small Pennsylvanian home town. (It’s the converted church pictured above.) The local library had cool architecture, yes, so I loved spending time there. 

However, I soon discovered the library itself wasn’t the best part. A building is a building, after all. No matter what they look like, libraries serve as a window to the world. I could witness any place or any time, real or imaginary, and it didn’t cost a thing but my time.

If it weren’t for my love of books fostered in that library, I don’t think I’d be traveling the world now, seeking new stories and broader horizons.

Do you remember your first visit to a library? Did they still have card catalogues? 


Me (jeans) and a friend at Trinity College Library Dublin, Ireland

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