Do you think Michelle Yeoh’s Oscar will Lead to More Mature Femme Action Leads?

The Academy has spoken. How about you? 

In 2020, when I wrote Eastside Hedge Witch, I wasn’t looking to write an action hero. Fighting wasn’t really Miriam’s thing until it was absolutely necessary. Then, she used her magic, not fighting skills to defeat her enemy.

However, Lydia’s story is quite different. She’s not on journey of rediscovery of her powers. Her powers have been thrown at her and the political intrigues that go with her abilities.

In Westside Oracle, she was tossed about by Gods and Titans. In Westside Harpy, Lydia stops letting others dictate her life and starts taking control, using her gifts to became a key player in the fight to keep the Titans in Tartarus. 

Westside Harpy is action heavy from the midway point until the very end.

I loved writing the story, but in the back of my head, I held doubts. I wondered if anyone would want to read a forty-five year old woman becoming an action hero. The thought only women my age might read and enjoy the story, but it wouldn’t appeal to a wider audience.

Then, the Sunday before Westside Harpy released, Michelle Yeoh received an Oscar for Everything, Everywhere, All at OnceA story about a mother saving her daughter with a lot of great fight scenes! 

That’s when I knew that the world was ready for women to be action heroes past their supposed prime. Just like men (ahem, James Bond) have done in the entertainment industry for years.

How about you, dear reader, do you prefer older leads in action roles?

If you do, you might want to check out Westside Harpy (Midlife Olympians #2) here or click on the graphic below.

If you haven’t read Westside Oracle (Midlife Olympians #1) click here or on the graphic below.

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