Eastside Hedge Witch: Midlife Supernaturals #1 (Update)

Eastside Hedge Witch: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction (Midlife Supernaturals #1)

Miriam Diaz has lived as a suburban mom on Seattle’s Eastside for the past seventeen years. She serves on the parent teacher association, bakes for the cheer squad, and is an all-around champion stay-at home mom. Pretty average and totally boring, and Miriam likes it that way. That’s because she keeps secrets that could cost everything.

When a hellhound shows up in her neighbor’s begonias, and Miriam banishes the stinky mutt back to where it came from, she let her evil ex, whom she refers to as His Creepiness rather than say his unholy name, know she’s still alive and kicking…and likely in possession of something she stole from him. 

Miriam doesn’t only have trouble brewing from below. The banishment also alerts the supernatural cops, i.e. shifters. When a gorgeous alpha of the shifter pack starts sniffing around her hedges, Miriam fears the news might go all the way to the archangel that she isn’t a latent but a full-blown witch. Miriam isn’t a registered supernatural and for a good reason, she’s hiding something big from the authorities above and below.

And, this is only the beginning…

I got the rights to Eastside Hedge Witch back from my publisher this weekend. I plan to indie publish the novel. Unlike my Faerie Tales series of novellas, Eastside Hedge Witch is a full-length, Paranormal Women’s Fiction, with a comedic vibe.

I chose the PWF genre because most of the main characters are my age (in their forties) and going through changes some of us got through in midlife.

Unlike other books in the subgenre that feature mostly heterosexual characters, I have queered up the piece, featuring an LGBTQIA cast. Because I want to represent where I stand in the alphabet mafia, my main character is bisexual. Like in real life, the characters’ queerness is part of who they are, but their life is not focused on their gender identity or sexuality.

I’m working with an editor and cover artist, shooting for an October 31st release date. Preorder is here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09C11TDLX

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