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Midlife Olympians is a spin-off series set in the world of Midlife Supernaturals. The series focuses on Lydia, former fake fortuneteller and current real Oracle to the Gods. She has always pretended to know the future, but now she’s gained the inherited power of the Oracles of Delphi, she doesn’t know how to wield it and is pretty sure she doesn’t want any part of the supernatural world.

Unfortunately, her wise guy, ex-husband, Carlo, put her in a precarious situation, forcing her to sign in blood to serve the Olympians. There’s no loophole except death to get out of the deal.

Lydia knows. She’s read the fine print.

There are perks. They come in the hot and fast form of the god Hermes.

There are pitfalls. Some Titans have escaped Tartarus and they want to use Lydia for nefarious purposes.

Lydia needs to learn to hone her gift to prevent a cosmic war that might destroy the little planet she calls home.




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