Excerpt from Vow Unbroken (Faerie Tales No. 3) by T.J. Deschamps

Vow Unbroken releases May 28th! To celebrate, I’ve put the e-book version of all three novellas in the Faerie Tales series on sale for .99c each for the month of May (Free on Kindle Unlimited). Three books for three bucks! I also wanted to share an excerpt from this tantalizing tale, filled with intrigue, action, and a little steam.

Here’s the excerpt:

Aoife secured the last knot of the rope, consisting of her linens, drapes, and tapestries torn from the walls.  She knew enough about bargains to know Roi had made a deal with some sort of great power that required blood magic. Those deals always left the beholden a weakness; it guaranteed a sustained contract. She needed to puzzle out who he made a deal with and what his weakness was. It didn’t matter what it was, only that Roi had one. 

She secured the makeshift rope to bedpost of her massive bed and then threw open her window. The cool night air rushed into her prison. Aoife breathed it in. 


There was a great bonfire beyond the outer walls of the castle. Singing and merriment floated from below as if the people gathered were happy to make the sacrifice. She curled her lip in disgust. An innocent lad would die, and these humans could care less as long as their bellies were full and they were free of invaders and plague. 

Aoife wore nothing but a shift, but the hem was too long. Her captor did her the kindness of not allowing her anything sharp in her room so she wouldn’t harm herself. She ripped material so that the hem skimmed her thighs, not wanting to get tangled for human ideas of propriety. Then she used a length of fabric to gird herself about the waist and between the legs to protect from rope burns. Her skin wasn’t as delicate as a mortal’s, but she could be cut and bleed all the same. Lastly, she pulled on calfskin boots and gloves. The soft leather was pliable enough she could feel, but thick enough to protect. 

Slowly, she threaded the rope down the wall of the castle. The length came up woefully short. Aoife would break her neck jumping from that height, fae or no. She’d heal but she wouldn’t be able to spy. 

It was too dark to see if there were any footholds; she’d have to repel down to find out. Blowing out her breath, Aoife perched on the windowsill. Sweat pearled on her face and hands and the cool breeze chilled her damp back. 

Aoife had fae strength and agility, so she didn’t find repelling down difficult. Finding hand and footholds the rest of the way down, on the other hand, was a different matter entirely. She thanked her former self for thinking of wearing the gloves. Her feet would have had an easier time if she had gone down barefoot. 

She spied a wagon of hay below that she hadn’t seen from the window. The wagon wasn’t directly beneath her, so she had to make her way horizontally around the tower to position herself above the hay. She closed her eye and let herself drop the last ten feet. 

Her stomach flipped as she plummeted.

From Chapter Five of Vow Unbroken by T.J. Dechamps ©T.J.Deschamps 2021

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