How a Trip to Greece inspired a Paranormal women’s Fantasy Series

Research for Westside Oracle book #1 in the Midlife Olympians series started in Greece and ended in the Olympic Mountains of Washington.

Seeing the places, meeting the people, and immersing myself in the culture of where myths come from is an important part of research for me. Had I thought I was going to write a series when I planned my trip to Greece? That’s between me and my accountant. However, my experience there was the kind of research that you simply can’t get from books alone. Standing where the ancient pilgrims came to hear from the oracle was an experience I’ll not soon forget.

Pictures explained: Three of these pictures were taken in Delphi, Greece where the ruins of Apollo’s and Athena’s temples still stand. (There is also an awesome museum there) The third picture is the stone upon which the Oracles of Delphi had sat upon a tripod and gave prophecies in riddles or speak, as the tour guide said “gibberish”. The third is the Washington State Olympic Mountains, where the Neo-GrecoRoman temple stands only in my head (and in my books).

Temple of Apollo Delphi, Greece
Me, near the ruins in Delphi.
The stone upon which the Oracle sat on their tripod stool and gave predictions. The groove was for spring water mixed with noxious substance that gave hallucinations to the Oracles.
View from the Washington Olympics where I placed a fiction temple.

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