How’s the Writing Going? The Question all Authors/writers dread

How do I make small talk about an ever evolving process?

How’s the Writing Going? The Question all Authors/writers dread

by T.J. Deschamps

How’s the writing going? An easy question to ask but a difficult question to answer.

I always wonder how to answer this question. Sometimes people ask when I’m in the middle of editing or promotion and haven’t written in days or weeks. Do they want the details of the editing process. Do they want to know how I’m struggling to patch a gaping plot hole? Are they worried I won’t tie up all four subplots?

Probably not.

Yet, my brain won’t simply let me say “good.” I’m neurodivergent. A question asked must be a question answered, honestly and with great consideration and detail.

Usually people ask, I think, because they’re trying to relate. They think we authors love nothing more than to talk about our craft. Most of the time we do, extensively.

Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we’ve been blocked for weeks, months, well over a year and we’re pretty sure it’s burn out not writer’s block.

How’s the writing going?

The writing will always be going, until the muses cease their whispering.

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