Indie Author Spotlight Review: Jesikah Sundin and Claire Luana’s The Knights of Caerleon Series


After the nineties, I was kind of done with Arthurian retellings. I haven’t watched any of the latest shows or movies. Then, I pick up this book. It’s told from multiple points of view, but Gwenevere is definitely the protagonist.

I loved the dilemma the authors present both Gwenevere and Arthur and the notions about the time that they challenge. (The authors did their research, folks, and it shows.) They artfully managed to make a tired legend fresh.

I like that Gwenevere was part of the quests and central to the plot, not some woman pining in her bower. Instead of being the woman that divides the knights of the round table, especially Arthur and Lancelot, Gwenevere unites them.

The trilogy is filled with strong world building, characters that feel like real people, not legendary tropes, and a solid storyline. The steamy scenes felt natural to the story and not gratuitous.

I give this series five out of five stars and highly recommend.


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