Kindle Vella series: Galaxy on Fire

Not sure if it happened while I was sleeping or today, but Amazon launched Kindle Vella! I have two stories featured there. One is under my pen name Simone Cummings (Find Unfettered here).

The other story featured is Galaxy on Fire. It’s a story about an end of an empire that has been through many iterations. I have been working on the story world and what’s happening in it, the history, the religion, the different political factions and characters for about five years now.

At first, I thought I’d write a series and feature a different character per novel. Each character would represent a group and how the end of a galactic empire effects their daily life, what revolution and post revolution chaos would mean to the average person. Then I decided to write Galaxy on Fire from dual perspectives, focusing on the enemies to lovers trope. Nope. The concept and the themes were too big. I thought a television show with episodes focusing on one character at a time to weave a complex world would be perfect, but getting a TV deal is next to impossible for a no name like myself. I decided to let the story rest.

When Amazon announced to its indie-published authors the Kindle Vella opportunity where writers could feature an episode at a time and create seasons for story arcs, I thought this platform would be the perfect fit for Galaxy on Fire. I’m so excited to share this story with you. I hope it sparks empathy and creates a dialogue about world events today. If not, I hope you’re at least entertained.

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