MARKETING MONDAY: Advertising on a Budget

Do you have a monthly advertising budget?

Sounds scary right? Investing in your indie author business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Advertisements don’t have to be costly to be effective. All it takes is research and knowing where to place your money where your dollar (or whatever currency you use) is most effective.

To run a Facebook ad for a few days, you can invest as little as $10 and reach a thousand readers or more. The ad will also be featured on Instagram for no additional charge. The ads can be as targeted or as broad as you’d like them to be. It will take some research to find your target audience and when your ads will be most effective.

Twitter Ads will be more costly, the lowest starting at $50, but you’ll reach tens of thousands of potential readers.

Pinterest ads are a per day bid. You can set how much total you’ll spend. Pinterest ads are a shot in the dark, but I’ve received a lot of clicks on my ads on Pinterest. (This is why investing in a good cover is your best marketing strategy.)

Bookbub ads are pricey, but they email your target audience directly. The best part is, this is the most targeted campaign, because they’re emailing readers looking for new books to read.

Amazon ads are also a bid and set price limit type of ad. Honestly, I’ve seen the least results from Amazon despite Amazon being the place I sell my novellas.

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