Marketing Monday: ARC Readers-What Are They and Should I Use Them?


Marketing Monday: ARC Readers-What are they and should I use them?

Do you have an ARC team?

An advanced reader copy team reads your book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Why is this important?

Getting reviews, even bad ones, is a good thing. Readers tend to flock to books that are being read and talked about by others.

However, paid reviews are not only not ethical, but pretty easy for Amazon and Goodreads to spot out. No one wants all 5 star reviews with only generic, positive comments that these paid review sites give. Readers aren’t fools.

There is a difference between putting your ARC copy up on sites that offer your books for free in exchange for a review and paid review sites. One guarantees you positive reviews. The other is a crapshoot which means you’ll get honest opinions and more readers.

Also, paid editorial review websites/blogs are predatory. They go for indie authors, not traditional publishing because they know we are not professional marketing experts and we don’t have a PR team behind us. Many indie authors, sick of the constant emails from those sites offering to provide an editorial review for a fee, have made hilarious Tiktoks about them.

In conclusion, using ARC readers is only helpful if you are getting honest reviews.

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