Marketing Monday: How Do I Market My Book on Social Media?

As an indie author looking at social media to market may seem overwhelming. There are so many trending platforms that come and go. Your job is to find the best place for you.

Here are four ways to help you strategize:

1. Assess your target audience. Where is that demographic on social media? That’s where you need to be. Seek out the social media accounts popular authors in your genre and ascertain where they get the most interaction.

2. Make it relevant: Content is everything. How can your social media add to your target audience’s social experience so that they want to invest in more of you, in other words, your books?

3. Do you know authors, who are targeting the same audience? How can you collaborate on social media?

4. Schedule your content. Most social media has an option to schedule your posts, tweets, videos, etc. If you’re not available, 24/7, reserve an hour a week to schedule the content.

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Hope this helps. Good luck with your social media marketing!

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