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Marketing Monday: Newsletters

Do you have an author newsletter?

I recently posted a poll on Twitter asking if newsletters were a dated concept for marketing books. I got mixed responses, mostly “I feel x about newsletters” with no data to support their feelings. 59% of the twenty-seven people who participated in the poll believed newsletters are outdated.

However, a PR person commented on the poll. She said that newsletters are a dying marketing tool and then she said why, spam filters, spam, and people disinterested in signing up for yet another thing to appear in their ever bogged-down inbox. However, she is also an indie author and uses a newsletter to promote her own work!

Here are ways I learned how newsletters are useful:

1. Grow your newsletter organically. Offer a book or short story for free in exchange for signing up for a newsletter. That way your newsletter’s readers are those interested in your work.

2. Offer snippets from your upcoming books to keep reader interest between books.

3. Keeping in touch with your fanbase. Going to do a signing or make an appearance at a con that’s not in your area and want support? You can let your fans know when you’re going to be in their city.

4. Newsletter swaps. You can reach your target audience by advertising in another author’s newsletter, featuring books in the same genre, and vice versa.

To learn more about newsletters, check out this book: Newsletter Ninja

If you have a newsletter and write fantasy, would you be interested in doing a newsletter swap? I have spaces available to advertise books in my premiere newsletter coming out this month. Please contact me through the contact page with a link to where your book is sold.

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