Meet the Characters: Miriam Diaz (Midlife supernaturals)

Picture of Miriam Diaz from the Eastside Hedge Witch Trilogy

Name: Miriam Diaz (a.k.a Tatiana)
Age: 43 (ish)
Type of supe: Let’s just say she’s a hedge witch with a little extra, shall we?
Abilities: Healing, can see the color of magic, witchcraft, and plant manipulation.
Interests: Baking, volunteer work, community organization, light sprite whisperer, hellhound banishing, keeping grimoires out the hands of those who’d abuse the spell contained within.
Romantic Partner: She starts out a widow, but things get interesting quickly. Oh, and the devil himself is her ex.
Dislikes: Killing women, fae politics, Lucifer’s minions, people who try to tell her how to live her life, threats to her daughter or community.
Dreams: To hide from her ex, Miriam set aside her dreams for a long time. She starts really living in Eastside Hedge Witch. 

Meet the Characters: Miriam Diaz (Midlife supernaturals)

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