Meet the Characters of Midlife Olympians: The Oracle

An excerpt from Westside Oracle:

“Would you like a general reading, or a three card draw?”

She worried at her lip, clutching the cash to her stomach. If money troubles weren’t already apparent from sizing her up, she gave it away then.

“What’s the difference?”

“A general offers a little more insight into your life in general. A three-card draw will answer a specific question.”

I hoped she’d ask for a three card draw, it was quick and usually easy to answer. I’d need a longer rapport to give her a general reading that wasn’t so ambiguous that it could apply to anyone yet didn’t fit the answer she sought.

She’d likely be dissatisfied and would either give me the cash out of pride or walk away with the money and tell everyone that I’m a scam artist.

“A three card draw?”

I placed the tarot cards on the table in a neat pile, then gestured to that pile. “Take the cards and give them a shuffle with a question in your mind.”

The blonde did as I instructed, tentatively, as if sweeping for landmines instead of picking up and shuffling a deck of cards.

I held out my hand as if she’d done it for a prescribed amount of time, but I simply wanted to turn this client around and snag another. I had a whole life to start over in Colorado. I’d need more than my puny nest egg to establish myself with a new setup.

Our fingers brushed.

A fuzzy sensation bloomed in my head like cotton. Colors swirled before me. The chatter, the overhead speaker, the shuffle of feet, and distant music of a busker muffled.

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