Midlife Olympians Meet the Characters:Hermes

Excerpt from Westside Harpy:

The flames doused until only a very pissed off Hermes 
in full, golden armor, wings spread, and a sword 
covered in gore remained.

My heart fluttered a bit at the site of the god. He was 
always so subdued in my old Victorian, dressing in 
sweats and t-shirts or tracksuits like a regular person. 
Right now, Hermes was in full Olympian mode. 

He took in the scene until his dark gaze landed on 
me. Whatever he saw, propelled him to me faster than 
my eyes could track. I 
hadn’t even seen when or where he put away his shield
and sword.

His hands cradled my face. “Are you injured?”

“Pretty banged up.” I grinned and glanced at the 
petrified Scylla. “But, not as bad as the other guy.”

Hermes smiled back. His adoration lighting up the 
entire room. The smile dropped as a downpour of 
people-sized infernos dropped from the sky, morphing 
into Olympians.

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