NaNoWriMo Day 19: Getting Over the Hump

I wrote about 2, 289 words yesterday for the Warrior Tithe project, bringing my NaNoWriMo word count to 28086 words. This means that I’m behind on NaNo and not writing Eastside Faerie.

However, because I took a step back and took a break from the project, I realized I wrote myself into a corner with Eastside Faerie by writing scenes centered around the complicated romantic subplot. I suppose I had a romance inside me. (Warrior Tithe will do better for a complicated romance and satisfies that creative urge.) The Eastside series is more about Miriam going through a midlife crisis of sorts, realizing she’s too powerful to be satisfied with a mundane life, and that she can make a difference against an ancient, corrupt oligarchy.

Now that I worked out what was blocking me, I can return to Eastside Faerie. Warrior Tithe is still in me, but I’ve got to work out the plot before I write any more. I’m up stupid early, so I have time to work on both today.

Hope your day is going well. Happy Writing!

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