NaNoWriMo Days 14 and 15: Update

Whidbey Island is a writer’s dream backdrop.

Most of yesterday was spent traveling and getting set-up in our rental, so I didn’t get much writing done on the 14th.

Today I woke up to this lovely view and wrote 2503 words. Over 200 of those words were the beginning of a prequel to my novella Tam Lin: A Modern, Queer Retelling. I start out with a bleaker beginning for Fergus and Aoife’s story. It’s bleak because I wanted to create a circumstance where a young man, who knew better, to chase a water horse (selkie).

The rough draft of Eastside Faerie is at 47, 604 words (23k words written during NaNo), and I’m pleased as punch with how the story is coming along.

I’m heading home to observe Governor Inslee’s mandated lockdown, but I’m happy that I had this weekend respite to bolster me through the next four weeks.

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Photo credit: TJ Deschamps

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