On lattes and Writing

Your hobby might have meh results at first, but keep trying.

It’s a chilly 15° F -9°C in my Seattle Eastside suburb. Here’s my warmup cinnamon vanilla latte.

My first shot at latte art is meh.

However, I’m really getting good at making cafe quality lattes at a fraction of their prices. I didn’t start out that way. My first lattes were craptastic.

I’ve never been someone who is instantly good at anything. I’ve had to start out crappy and put the work in to become good.

My writing was abysmal at best when I first started. I still have room for growth and plan on working on my craft while I pump out books. Why? Because I love writing and feel I have something to say.

Don’t give up something you love because you’re not good at it. If whatever your interest is brings you joy (even with a mega dose of frustration), keep doing it.

One day my latte might have intricate designs, or they may look like crap. However, I enjoy playing with the foam and get to sip a yummy latte when I finished.


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