Paranormal Women’s Fiction/ Paranormal romance Reader Group

Have you ever delved into a book or series and loved so much about it? Or, do you mostly love it, but that one thing bugged you or you loved to hate a character? You want to talk to your friends about it, but they don’t read paranormal romance or paranormal women’s fiction (or read at all), so you feel silly talking about these witches, psychics, werewolves, or ghosts?

Because I loved the genre so much, I recently published a paranormal women’s fiction novel, Eastside Hedge Witch. I wanted to promote it, but I noticed most reader groups were only allowed to mention books by the authors running them. I thought about starting my own group, Midlife Supernaturals (the series name for Eastside Hedge Witch), but I went to 20booksto50k writers conference in Las Vegas and met so many awesome authors and thought it wouldn’t be fair to make a group all about ME, ME, ME. So, I started talking to other authors of paranormal romance and paranormal women’s fiction about starting a reader group where we could talk about the genre we love with readers!

So I started Divining Tales: A Paranormal Readers group where readers of PWF and PNR could talk about their favorite books suggest reads, and hang out with authors. I’m planning on having fun activities, give-aways, appearances and sales announcements, insider info on upcoming advanced reader copies, and general check-ins.

To join the reader group, click here:

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