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2022 Recap

Hey friends,

This year was a massive learning experience in if it can go wrong, it will.

You know how they say to back up to the cloud? Do it.

Double check to make SURE it’s done too.
I thought I knew better, but I got careless, relying on the machine to auto-backup. One little app toggle accidentally turned off. My writing prom ceased backing up, and I hadn’t noticed.

The Universe decided to up the stakes.

My MacBook suddenly died in January. It was then I realized three months of writing had NOT saved to the cloud. It took thousands of dollars and months to recover my data from a Mac (those things are super special. *eye roll*).

Fortunately the program had saved locally.

Also, past me had given myself eight months from the release of Eastside Hedge Witch and released Eastside Witch Hunt: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (Midlife Supernaturals #2) in June of 2022. ON TIME!

Eastside Witch Hunt is available in ebook, Kindle Unlimited, paperback, and audiobook.

I had a wonderful party with my editors, friends, and family to celebrate.

Release party for Eastside Witch Hunt

The rest of the year went smoothly. I released Eastside Mórrígan: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (Midlife Supernaturals #3) in September. Eastside Mórrígan is available in ebook, paperback, audiobook, and for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Late 2022 was also a time to take off my Paranormal Women’s Fiction author hat and release romantic historical fantasy novel based on the Scottish Samhain folktale, Tam Lin. The Ballad of Brave Janet released in October of 2022. The novella is available in ebook only and FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Recommended PWF Reads

Butter Sugar Magic by Jessica Rosenberg

Embracing a midlife transformation has never been more delicious.

At best, she’s expecting a kitschy candy dish, at worst a beloved taxidermied pet, so when Cassie—newly divorced, single mom with zero prospects—discovers she’s inheriting a fully stocked bakery along with a beautifully furnished apartment from a great aunt she’d never even heard of, she’s convinced she must be dreaming.

The apartment bizarrely adapting itself to her whims and the friendly neighbor floating fireballs in the air aren’t helping.

Cassie has two choices. She can hightail it out of this bewildering town and figure out a way to support her pre-teen daughter. Or she can stay and live the life of her dreams in this unsettling place where the rules of physics don’t seem to apply, and people are suspiciously friendly and welcoming.

When Cassie and her daughter agree to give this new place a trial run (the fantastic pet shop next door is a helpful draw), she’s not convinced they’ve made the right choice. That hesitation just might cost her the fantastic life she and her daughter deserve.

Butter Sugar Magic is the first book in the tantalizingly delicious new Baking Up a Magical Midlife Paranormal Women’s Fiction series by Jessica Rosenberg.

Freebies and sales

Love Paranormal Women’s Fiction? Want a FREE PWF book sent to your email every month?This month’s book is Silver Spells by Kate Mossman! Kate was featured in my Indie Author Spotlight and is such a talented author!

From Nevada with Love by Aria Knight and Lynn Morrison

All Boudicca wanted was a place to kick up her heels and enjoy a cold drink. But when a strange woman steals her magical necklace, Boudicca has no choice but to chase her across the desert plains. When she finally catches up, Boudicca is left with an impossible choice – reveal her true nature or kiss her connection to Earth magic goodbye forever.

Take a trip to the Nevada desert to find out what happened when Boudicca and Amy first met. 

This short story is a standalone prequel in the Wandering Witch series and does not contain any spoilers for other books. Enjoy! – Aria & Lynn

Witchmas Spirits: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Cozy Mystery (Season of the Witch)

A paranormal women’s fiction holiday cozy mystery – because midlife can be a real witch (especially at Yule and Christmas)!

A bookstore of my very own and a Victorian house on the beach in the magical town of Miracle Bay means I get to finally relax and enjoy life—right? 

After a Yule-tide tarot reading goes awry, my best friend Emerald is suddenly overwhelmed by a series of unfortunate events, each one more dangerous than the last. If Emerald and I don’t find the answer before Christmas and Yule arrive, the enchantment tangled around her is going to be the least of our problems.

Join Juniper “JJ” Jones on her a magical escapade and fall in love with Miracle Bay.
This is a stand alone holiday story which can be read in any order. You do not have to have read the rest of the series to enjoy this fun read!

Faye’s Fortune by Emmy Tidning

Psychic Paranormal Romance ONLY .99c! 

Despite being a skilled fortune teller, Faith is unable to predict what will become of her floundering occult shop, Faye’s Fortunes. Between apologizing to her disappointed business partner, struggling to pay the bills, and dealing with a surprise eviction from her apartment, she’s barely able to put one foot in front of the other, let alone predict a customer’s future. If she had any customers, that is!

When she awkwardly stumbles over a sidewalk crack, the help of a friendly construction worker seems much more embarrassing than fated. Then his girlfriend showing up confirms for Faith that it was just another clumsy fall, not a sign.But when worlds start to collide and Faye’s Fortunes reveals a dark secret about Jasper’s relationship, will their fates prove to be destined, or doomed?

Earth Spells Are Easy by Renee George is free for a limited time!

As a forty-three-year-old, newly divorced, single mom, I know two things for certain, starting over sucks, and magic isn’t real. At least that’s what I thought. I mean, starting over really does stink, but when it comes to magic, I have to rethink everything.

I’ve spent the last year since my ex left me going through the motions. Get up. Work. Care for a grumpy teenager. Cook dinner. Go to bed. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Nothing changes… Until it does.

After bidding on a box of old books at an estate auction, I’m experiencing changes.

And I’m not talking about menopause.

My garden gnome Linda has come to life. No, really. Her name is Linda, and she never shuts up. A chonky cat with a few secrets of his own has adopted me. And a gorgeous professor of the occult tells me I’m a witch.

Right now, I’m not sure who’s crazier—me, Linda or the hottie professor.

If this is my new reality, it’s nature’s cruel midlife trick. I’m learning fast that earth spells might be easy, but they aren’t cheap. All magic exacts a toll, and if I don’t master the elements, the elements will be the death of me.


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