Writer Reads Book Review: The Kinsmen Universe

I was introduced to Ilona Andrews books by a fellow writer. I trust her taste because she’s an excellent author and we like a lot of the same authors, shows, movies, etc. She recommended Iron and Magic by Ilona Andrews because I like beauty and the beast retellings. I then devoured all of Ilona Andrews stories in the Kate Daniels and Innkeeper series. I tried Burn for Me, but haven’t made it to the second book. I saw The Kinsmen Universe on Audible and gave it a listen yesterday.

If you read all the reviews for these short stories/novellas on Amazon, you’ll hear a lot of people griping about two previously published stories squashed together with a new story they didn’t like so much. I think people need to read the blurbs before they buy because the information is in there.

As far as the stories go, they’re more science fiction romance with incredible world building that IA is known for. The reason I’d categorize them as romance rather than sci-fi is that the plot points center around the relationship between the main characters.

I’d love to see more of this fully actualized world, its problems, and the people that populate it, but a full-length novel with an ensemble cast and intriguing storyline like the Kate Daniels series or their Innkeeper Series.

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Image via Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Kinsmen-Universe-Ilona-Andrews-ebook/dp/B07K8XCTL3

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