A Modern Twist on a Medieval, Scottish Halloween Story

October 1st is the launch of my novella Tam Lin: A Modern Queer, Retelling. The story of Tam Lin dates back to 16th century Scotland. It was traditionally a Halloween story since the climax takes place on the eve of All Saints Day or Samhain, in the Gaelic tradition. In the original tale, a youngContinue reading “A Modern Twist on a Medieval, Scottish Halloween Story”

What Writing a Short Story in a Day and Publishing it on Amazon Taught Me

My long term goal is to eventually own a small press that helps fledgling writers break into a very competitive industry. I realized while I’m writing and querying my work with publishing houses, that I might want to try my hand at self-publishing. What happens when you write a story, do your own editing, formatting,Continue reading “What Writing a Short Story in a Day and Publishing it on Amazon Taught Me”

Four Things You Must Do If You Plan to Self-publish

Congrats! You’ve finished your novel! You’ve edited, revised, and polished that baby until it’s not only a well-crafted story, but flawless in execution. Here’s what you need to do next. Hire a professional editor. If this is your first novel ever, it’s likely you need a developmental or content edit before you even think aboutContinue reading “Four Things You Must Do If You Plan to Self-publish”

Traditional Publishing vs Self-publishing

In the movies, a writer types “The end” and then sends his or her manuscript off to their agent. The novel is instantly published and becomes a bestseller. We hear stories about authors living out of their car getting their book published and then become overnight successes, making millions if not billions. Let me breakContinue reading “Traditional Publishing vs Self-publishing”