Tam Lin: A Modern, Queer Retelling (Excerpt)

Edit: Tam Lin, A Modern Queer Retelling has launched!

Here is an excerpt:

Tom had barely closed his eyes when Aoife was suddenly ripped from him. He sat bolt upright and screamed in terror.

Two hideous creatures, with long teeth and leathery, lizard-like skin dragged the kicking and screaming Aoife away. She clawed at their skin and bit one, drawing purple blood. 

Tom finally found his voice, and shouted, “Let her go!” 

The words were useless. The monsters paid him no attention.

Fergus had already sprung to his feet, sword in hand. The blade in the warrior’s hand glowed with an unearthly light. A promise of death gleamed in the depths of his blue eyes, the anger limning his features, terrible.  All traces of the easy-going tour guide were gone, replaced by a Highlander warrior of old.  

“Unhand my wife, foul beasties, or taste my wrath!” the Scot bellowed, but he went no further. The way Aoife thrashed, he was likely afraid of hurting his wife in the process of killing the creatures.

“The queen has decreed she must be punished,” one of the lizard-folk hissed in a sibilant voice, “You’ve kept the kin of Tam Lin for yourself.” 

Tom rose to his feet, managing to wrap the kilt around him haphazardly. “If it’s me the queen wants, take me instead!”

The monster gave him a smile that chilled him to the bone. “Oh, we will. You’re all going to suffer.”

No part of this work may be copied or reprinted without the author’s express permission.

Available here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08HX91MYD

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