Ten Days into NaNoWriMo and Two Thousand Words Behind (And That’s Okay)

The point of NaNoWriMo, for me at least, is not to write for the sake of word count. It’s to make a habit of writing daily. Usually I can knock 1667 words a day out, no problem and I’ve won every year I’ve participated. However, I usually have to trash those 50k and rewrite the whole thing.
Why? Because I pantsed the drafts and had no idea how they were going to end. (No, I didn’t pull down the pants of my WIP and expose its undies. In the writing community, a pants, pantsing, pantsed, refers to writing by the seat of your pants and a pantser is someone who pants their novel. In other words, writing with no outline or plan.) The NaNo drafts were the equivalent to world building notes/outline in story form not good writing. Fifty thousand words of mostly telling.
Even last year’s Scavengers of the Starsea ended up being rewritten.
This year, I made an outline in Scrivener, and I’m trying to stay in scene and not do a lot of telling. I want to edit/revise this draft not rewrite an entirely new draft. Writing this way has slowed me down as has reviewing what I wrote the day before and making minor edits (I keep what I cut. I just highlight it read. I wrote those words, they’re going to count, damn it.)
So, yes, I’m technically behind, but I feel this draft is a lot better quality than other years. So, my new NaNoWriMo rule is quality as well as quantity. It’s slower, but I will like what I wrote a lot more later.

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