The Fairy Court in Winter: Enjoying the View as I Revise Eastside Hedge Witch

The Fairy Court

Thursday evening we got a light smattering of snow, as pictured. Friday evening and throughout the night the snow returned.

24 hours later…

Never mind the grill and the hoe. This is the winter fairy court.

In spite of, or thanks to, the inclement weather, I’m making a lot of progress with my revisions for Eastside Hedge Witch. After writing Eastside Faerie and receiving feedback from my editor, I have a solider vision for Miriam and her world, while what I want to say with this story, and all the snarky, humor remaining the same.

Killing your darlings, cutting the fat or what is unnecessary to the story is hard, but it will make for a tighter plot. For followers, who caught excerpts from the rough draft and followed me for more, what the finished story will look like will be different, but even better than what you read.

Hope you all are safe and well!

┬ęT.J. Deschamps 2021

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