The Little Black Flying Cat

My youngest holding my eldest

Negrito El Gato Volador (the little black flying cat) RIP: 2002-2020

You were a brat sometimes

Knocking things off shelves

Nipping at our ankles

Sneak attacks when we least suspected

You were a sweetheart sometimes

Curling in our laps

Nudging your head into our palms for pets

Cuddling and purring away our tummy aches and tears.

You were a ruler sometimes

Defending your land from invaders

Chasing squirrels and mice

Making awkward noises at those pesky air vermin

You had a cantankerous personality

An introvert who preferred to be together alone

You had a loyal heart

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. 

I suppose I never would.

Rest well, kitty boy.

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