View from My Writing Desk

Piss yellow sky courtesy of wildfires ravaging the Pacific Northwest, photo by me

This is the current view from my writing desk. An overcast sky in September isn’t out of the ordinary in the Seattle suburbs, but this is smoke from the wildfires ravaging Oregon and California. (We’re not downwind of the ones razing Washington. Yet.)

Needless to say, our air quality is in the crapper. So, I haven’t been doing much in the way of blogging this week.

In honor of Eastside Hedge Witch, my youngest and I decided to try an old spell. We filled two buckets (Okay, large mixing bowls. I’m not wasting a whole bucket of water.) and took them outside. There, in unison, we tossed the water on the parched grass, shook our fists at the sky, and shouted, “See? It’s not that hard!”

Besides my yard getting a good slurp and the neighbors declaring us bonkers as Rhiannon the rock witch, nothing happened.

I guess I’ll save the magic for my stories.

┬ęTammy Deschamps

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