What’s Most Important to You in a Book, Characters or Storyline?

When I’m writing a book, I like to fit in all of the elements I enjoy in a story. Interesting characters with compelling backstories, individual quirks, and lots of fun dialogue. 

Developing a good storyline or plot is essential to good story. We all want to hang out with our fictional friends, but our brains are wired for story. We need the small moments but also something has to happen, something has to change, whether it be external or internal. In my opinion, a good book, has both external and internal circumstances change and by the end of the series, they’re living their ideal life.

However, writers like Agatha Christie create characters like Hercule Poirot.  Poirot solves mysteries and takes readers on wild rides, but he doesn’t change. Sherlock Holmes is another example of an unchanging character. However, both of these fictional men are interesting characters, but their development doesn’t drive the plot.

So, I have an even bigger question. Do you think a storyline can be good if the character remains the same?  

Or, do you think a character should grow from their experience?

Speaking of characters, I’d like to introduce you to the characters of Midlife Olympians.

Name: Lydia Kourakos (aka Francine Lawless)
Age: 44
Type of supe: She’s an Oracle, descended from the Dodona and Delphi women, but let’s be real. The gods and Titans got busy with everybody.
Abilities: She can read the tapestry woven by the fates, it’s just she can’t remember it. Sometimes she flings the occasional lightning bolt on accident, which can cause problems. In the upcoming book Westside Harpy, she gains another cool ability. 
Romantic Partner: Hermes (Former Carlo Lawless) 
Interests/Likes: She’s been on the hustle grind set for so long that she hasn’t pursued much for herself. But, she’s always wanted to learn weaving.
Dislikes: Everyone trying to use her for their purpose. Her ex Carlo and the trouble he caused their family.
Dreams: Lydia has always felt a calling for a Greater Purpose, but life (and her shady ex) had her living on a shoe-string budget and barely able to keep the lights on. Everything changed when a distant relative walked into her divination shop.

Name: Arachne (aka Arachne the Weaver)
Age: Ancient AF
Type of supe: Mother of Spiders (She’s her own thing.)
Abilities: All spiders listen to their Mother and will do her bidding.
Interests/likes: Weaving, devouring the wicked.
Romantic Partner: Athena (relationship status: it’s complicated)
Dislikes: Gorgons, people who treat their romantic partners poorly, mansplainers
Dreams: To reconcile with her ex Athena and be part of Olympus again.

Name: Cerberus (aka Kerberos, Spot)

Age: Ancient AF

Type of supe: Underworld Hound

Abilities: Can create a guise to appear as a harmless, albeit dumb black Labrador. 

Romantic Partner: None

Interests/Likes: Chasing rabbits and squirrels. Eating non-food items. Gas station hot dogs. Lydia and Persephone

Dislikes: Anyone who means harm to his queen or his friend Lydia. Vomiting non-food items. Lydia scolding him for eating non-food items. Hermes when he gets too close to Lydia.

Dreams: Cerberus dreams being the powerful guardian he once was but will settle on being called ‘the best boy’ by Lydia.

Name: Hermes (aka Mercury)

Age: Ancient AF

Type of supe: God, One of The Twelve Olympians

Abilities: He can travel the multiverse. Fastest god. Flight. 

Romantic Partner: Lydia

Interests/Likes: Video games, daytime television, pranking other gods (especially Apollo), his sister Athena is his favorite sibling

Dislikes: He hates how his father and brother treat nymphs and the goddesses

Dreams: Retiring from his position as Herald to the Gods, and living in a seaside town on Earth with the apple of his eye, Lydia.

Westside Harpy: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (Midlife Olympians #2)released in March 15th! If you haven’t read Westside Oracle: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (Midlife Olympians #1), get your copy and join in the adventure.

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